Can not town script

My bot can’t see town and can’t start town script after last update. It is not about bot settings(skip town etc) Pls help me!

Which server?


You should have no issues. Did you modify any of your town scripts?

İ did not change anything, only update game than restart bots. When back to home i saw they stucked. i try in every town, same. Let me explain better: when finish mp bot note mp finish and need teleport, than teleport to town. After teleport, when char in teleport point in town bot says: mp finish need teleport, than use return again. After finish return bot stuck.

Just information: i am using phbot for isro, no problem there

NO answer ?

It happened to me after server merge …
1st I found no setting … tried to rename the old ones and replace … worked for some chars and others didn’t
2nd in town setting tab look for potions and get some buying
3rd in return tab u will find an option for returning for potions … check for them if any condition of them found … it will return and keep looping this" returning and notifying" … try and tell me whether it worked or not

There is not a problem about settings. İ checked them maybe 1 million times. And i didnot change them before or after. and my bot settings stay same. problem is bot does not see in town, it working like out of town when in town. I play isro and trsro, no problem for isro.