Calculate SP/Hour Error

Hi community

I found an error in the statistics page. The SP/Hour and SP/minute values are wrong. I think that the values that this fields shows are the double that it should be.

I attached an image and one example of calculations that I made:
I gained 467 exp and 381 SP Exp per monster. Left experience for lvl 55 is 2580412 so 2580412 / 467 I need to kill 5525 moobs. 5525 * 381 Sp exp = 2105025 SP EXP. Taking in count that 1 SP is equal to 400 SP Exp i should gain around 5262 SP and the bot says that I reach the next level in ~ 10.44 hours gaining 1009 SP/hour so I should reach lvl 55 with 10533 SP more (Exactly the double taking in count the decimals errors).

PD: I made a manual testing with a cronometer and the result was the same.

Sorry for my bad english.