[Bugs] on [23.9.3] retro sro +few [suggestions] :D

bug. immo not checked error
item got destroyed becouse no immo (immo was set to 5) there was no immo stones invalved only the immo that the item alreddy had on it check bot log

bug clentless not triggered (manager)
a friend of me has conection resset every 24h by his ISP at about 03:40 gmt+1
and the option go clientless after 30 sec is checked
but every morning he found his leptop blowing like a jet ;D and none of the clients are clientless

no pink stallname i opened a stall by the bot everything works fine on my client i can see my pink stall title but i got a sreenshot from 1 of my friends that i dont have a stall title
(other clients cant see my stall title)

sometimes the full pickpet dont move items to the invintory
(after teleport it works again )

also i get like alot of “no response” from the bot then i have to wait like 10 sec and then it goes back to normal usaly when i click start training and hit stop training right after it while the autowalk has to generate a script

**Suggestion **
autowalk to pt leader option
besicly it will check who is pt leader and gets a rough position from the map (green point) and generates autowalk scripts and move to it ) would also be good as a trace option just in case the pt leader has higher moving speed and walks further away or teleports suddenly

maybe optimise the “gametrace option” so it walk more flurid like the sbot trace does ( traced charmoddel distance)

would be nice to have phbot theme and not just black and white (i mean like the colours of the forum) its way easyer on the eyes

a way to check stalls ( in sightrange )

a 2 emergency option would be great so i can set diffrend buffs for diffrend states of emergency

only cast “bad status buff” if purifection pill didnt help basicly
if badstatus > use puri-pill >if still badstatus>use skill “bad status buff”
thats just becourse there is no point of using the skill in case the puri-pill alreddy removed the debuff

copy town options (buy settings option)

a checkbox with “start bot after alchemy is done”

fastshot and maybe ripidshot (xbow) has way to long cooldown in the bot just try it out set the bot to kill only with fastshot and then just set it to slot 1 and hold it down by hand its way faster maybe same with rapid shot

im playing in rettro too , number 1 and 2 is working fine with me

for me also but 2 friends got this problem and i checked his settings and im also not new to phbot idk what was the probelm but especely the cl mod its realy every night …

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