Buggy pickfilter commands


the bot stores items i set it to NOT store it:

& these options shows different on every refresh… !

& i copied pick filter by manager

& even after than … i choosed RARE & selected ALL & set it to DONT STORAGE

but bot still store it

& when the bot store it
it doesn’t exists…

only after teleporting…

The Manager may not copy all of the fields. You really shouldn’t use it for that since it’s extremely slow.

so how can i copy a character’s pickfilter settings?
copy & change name of the file manually?


even after editing it from the bot
to not store it
it still keeps storing it…


You’re editing a different item.

the item in the picture
isn’t it under section:

i selected the whole list & set it to DONT STORAGE…
& still do the same

Search for it instead of using the category.

i did search it by name
selected it
& select all names alike (MOON SUN STAR NORMAL)
set them to DONT STORE
& it still store it
when searching it again … the option is glitching
meaning sometimes it shows its set to STORE & at another search/refresh … it shows it NOT…

It might be cached. Restart the bot.

close ALL bots?
or just that one?

Just the one you’re trying to edit.

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after restarting ALL bots

it still store’s the item

it still go to storage even though i removed DoStorage from Town Script…

i’ve set it to buy token returnScrolls 5x
but it buys none …
had to buy them manually (3~4 Only to test)
but it still dont buy it

and it did buy 1 Only
but was set at slot 0 in inv… tab…
& bot couldn’t click it
till i teleported
it was just spamming

but not actually clicking the return scroll
knowing its there but out of reach…

again … only after teleporting … it setted up returnScroll to its location in bag…

i guess its same problem of the items after storing to storage… dont show up till teleport…

something glitching out…

You definitely have the wrong item set to not store or something.

i selected ALL that have the same name
& set to not sell


what about the bot not detecting returnScroll in bag
or newly added items in bag…
unless i teleport?


why does the bot keep using storage
even though i removed DoStorage
from /town scripts … normals & _R…


Are you sure you’re editing the right bot folder?

for store/sell

im editing through the bot
not the .txt or note…

also i see the options i edit …
i search that option
its says STORE
i search it again its set on NOT STORE

also when sorting by:

it shows sometimes STORE & sometimes NOT…


for DoStorage
im rightclicking the phbot & locating its folder then to TOWN folder & editing…

want the char files & login info’s?

its no premium or vip

so 3~6h login time…


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