[Bug][v21.7.2][iSRO] multi purchase equipment not recognized

hi ryan,

when you buy multiple pieces of an equipment item, lets say 2 pieces of chest (not one by one, im talking of 2 pieces at one purchase), the bot does not recognize the 2nd one and you need to teleport to see it on the inventory tab, use it on alchemy tab, etc.


Most people don’t do that. I should be able to add it though.

… it was just a bug-report. if u dont need such, i wont report them. just as u like

He is just trying to say that no one reported this before.

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This. I meant, people normally do not buy 2 of the same item at the same time so support was never added for it.


sorry for misunderstanding. thought you were saying that this was nothing to talk about due to low need or usage at all.

my bad.

anyway thanks for adding.

fyi: i assume the same issue appears when rebuying an item that got sold at some npc

Buy back? That was added quite a while ago. If it’s not working correctly let me know.