[Bug] Put shield to storage


i use the lastest testing version of phbot.
I set my shield in the inventory menu, but when town script start the shield is stored in the storage.


Is this a new version?



You have to put it in your bot folder.

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Same problem

You need to update your bot and set your weapons.

set your weapons.?

Go to the inventory tab and right click on your items.

Chinese private server cannot automatically log in + Chinese characters display garbled characters

You probably need to use the locale emulator so the text shows up in game correctly.

You probably need to use the locale emulator?


Hello Ryan, PhBot is no longer casting Fire Shield buff. I carry a 12th degree rare Chinese shield just for the fire shield buff. Earlier today 3-3-2021 I had gotten a 13th degree rare Chinese shield as a drop. After that fire shield buff is no longer casting. I am only carrying the 12th degree shield now. What am I missing? Update all I had to do was close bot and logon again. Works now

Set your weapons on the inventory tab.

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