[BUG] - PServer / Custom Skill not working


i’m playing on a custom PServer which has implemented an active skill, so you have to cast it, but it has no time connected to it. (So it only gets disabled once you teleport or dc… but one can activate it always and at any time). The bot sees the skill but if i enable it as “buff”, the bot recasts the buff / skill every second again, even though it has no cooldown.

Is there a way to fix this?


Might be useful to know the server and the name of the skill?

Servername : Ciryon-online

Skill: Ciryon-China-Buff (20% dmg,def,int,str) (only available for Weapon Level 100)

Can i supply you with any kind of logs?

It should work in the next update. You will need to delete your Data folder so it can be re-created.

Thanks for fixing it, awaiting the update :slight_smile:

It’s in 21.7.8 which has been out.

Confirmed working. Appreciated!

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In case any server owners care, you can add a passive buff to Chinese characters that does not need to be in the skilldata files. No crappy skill you have to cast or anything.