[Bug or Question][phbot Testing 25.4.4] Char not moving client mode

I am using the most recent version of phbot testing. However, the char is not botting when in client mode. The only way it works is when I login from the beginning on clientless mode. But as soon as I switch back to client mode, the char does nothing. It just stays standing there. Even when the tart bot option has been clicked, and the message “bot started” shows up, the char does nothing.
This are the scenarios:

  1. If I log in on client mode, char does not move after “start bot” is selected. At this point the char will not do anything even if I switch to clientless mode.

  2. If I log in on clientless mode, the char starts botting, but It will stop after I switch to client mode. After it goes to client mode, it will never bot again. Doesn’t matter if I switch back to clientless mode.

Which server?


I’ll have an update out in a few minutes. You’re lucky I was able to get into Xian and test it.

Thank you. It’s all good now with version 25.4.5

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