[Bug or Question]No weapon switch on walk script - no autowalk Shambala temple

I created a walk script to go to Shambala (fire temple). I got as script buffs Heaven recovery division and God’s spell on my wizz. Before (not using script, just with autowalk to another area), the wizz used to switch to cleric rod just out of town to cast the buffs and switch to staff once arrived at the training area. Now, it is not switching to cleric rod at all. It goes to the training area with the staff without casting the script buffs. I tried with phbot stable but it is even worst. It does not switch to cleric rod and it says my weapon prohibit the use of the buff skills and just stays there. I do have in my walk script the equip instruction for the cleric rod. I am using a walk script because autowalk seems not to work once the char is inside the temple.

Set your weapons on the inventory tab.

hi i got same issue but they get dc all the time

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