[Bug] missing return scroll for some reason

hi ryan,

i got one char using v21.6.0.
it was dying all the time at its trainingplace.

my town loop works this way:

  • do event stuff at SoOk
  • teleport to Donwhang
  • go to guild storage and use it
  • return to town (use a return scroll)
  • do all the other stuff in town

that means, the bot is using one (special) return scroll per town loop.

so - every time my char dies, its returning to town without using a (special) return scroll.

as you can see in the log, the bot buys one new special return scroll per town loop to get up to 50 again.

unfortunately i cannot append my bots log in here due to thread-length restrictions: “Body is limited to 32000 characters; you entered 100896.”
maybe u can extend this limit.

at the very end of the log, you can see, that it was doing that the last time in here:
[10:32:58] Grocery: Purchasing Special Return Scroll [1]
[10:33:00] Inventory: Combining [Special Return Scroll]

after that, it walked to the trainingplace again, died, returned to town and was not able to return to town again after using the guild storage due to missing return scrolls:
[10:33:30] Script: Setting training area -23230.1, -279.6

[10:36:50] You died by 2x Qin-Tombstone
[10:36:54] Dead: Returning to town

[10:38:29] Script: Teleporting

[10:38:44] Guild Storage: Selecting NPC
[10:38:46] Guild Storage: Entering NPC
[10:39:00] Guild Storage: Taking [31009] gold
[10:39:02] Guild Storage: Exiting NPC
[10:39:16] Cannot return to town because no return scroll could be found

and then it just stucked at this point.

now i really wonder what happened here. usually it should have right 50x special return scroll in its inventory.

when i stopped the bot then, walked to Grocery, and started it again (i got “continue walk script” checked), it was buying 50 pieces again:
[11:27:51] Bot stopped. Botting time [605 minutes]

[11:28:33] Bot started
[11:28:33] Town: Starting at 3516, 1995
[11:28:33] Script: Walking to 3516, 1995
[11:28:34] Grocery: Selecting NPC
[11:28:35] Grocery: Entering NPC
[11:28:37] Grocery: Purchasing Special Return Scroll [50]
[11:28:39] Grocery: Purchasing Drug of typoon [2]
[11:28:41] Inventory: Combining [Drug of typoon]
[11:28:43] Grocery: Exiting NPC

do you have some idea whats going on here? where have all the special return scrolls gone?

best regards

Were they all dropped when you died? Sometimes the server randomly drops an item from your inventory when you die. If not, the only thing I can think of is the bot sold them or stored them.

yeah, that drop might happened. could you add that drop-case to the bots log?

I can add a log for when an item is dropped but I do not know if it is the same as when the server drops the item due to RNG.

ok i c. thank you!

I had same situation with a different version of this stuck. My warrior was dropping his bard when he died. And I realise that when I saw 2x 1lv bard in an other char.