Bug // manager not loading bots correctly


for some reason, my phbot manager gets stuck trying to load bots.
this has only previously happened in case i didn’t update the bot data first before starting the manager, but now it happens randomly, and the bots eventually only work if i turn off the manager ( after the manager already attempted to start them )

Find attached two screenshots that shows what happens when i start the bot via manager- then close the manager to force the bot into loading fine, then starting the manager again -_-.

is there any better solution to this weird issue?

i tried deleting the data file entirely and waiting to load all the bots- again- but this didn’t seem to permanently fix this issue.

@Ryan any idea how I should deal with this ? :c

increase the time in the manager
show setting bot manager maybe something is wrong

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this is the manager timer settings, by the way I had already increased the delays significantly from the default settings, but still it did not fix it :frowning:


You see I have higher delays set… yet its still doing this… also I dont think its related to the delays because as soon as I close the manager, the bots instantly load ! :frowning:

? You’re using the latest version manger

yes, and this only started to happen shortly after the last manager update

can you use this shortcut
if manager have problem with you

D:\bot\phBot.exe --username 123456 --password 123456 --server Meits --character 123456 --locale isro --passcode 123456 --relogdc --startbot

change 123456 for your date account

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