[Bug] Combining token item


the bot is frequently stucking with combining pet recovery kits (large), or the yellow HGP ones.
I so far had only issues with the HP recovery kits, but as of today (v25.9.0) I’m getting stuck with HGP as well. I’m buying the stuff in Hotan.

Weird thing is, that conditions are ignored. I have conditions for the fatigue buffer and despite getting lower than 100%, the bot continues to try to combine those items lol.

@Ryan I saw just now, that the item is not added/registered to the inventory, until teleporting

Another character stuck combining trigger scrolls, despite 2-3 relogins. The message is spammed until I close the bot. The bot itself doesn’t realize the char already DC’d

[22:54:04] Trade: Loaded
[22:54:07] Bot started
[22:54:08] Inventory: Combining [Trigger Scroll]
[22:54:19] Inventory: Combining [Trigger Scroll]

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