Bug: Autoclose Bot/Client

Hey guys,

I’ve got a problem with my manager.

My Bot and Client are closing ~2mins after im starting them via the manager.

This problem seems to be caused by the detect client starting delay in the settings.

On the stock 120sec value my bot/client are closing. If i bump them up to 999999, it’s working fine again. The problem occours on iSro and pServers.

The bot logfile only logs > [19:12:40] Switching to clientless mode
The Manager log does not show anything suspicious.

I’ve already deleted/reinstalled via the Easy Installer using the Testing 25.6.6 and Manager 2.1.0.
Installing the vcredist_x86.exe is working fine.
While installing the VC_redist.x86.exe, the installer fails because a newer version is already installed, which should be no problem!?

On purchase 4 days ago this problem also occoured but after a sleep over it it worked for 2 days.
Since it occours again i’ve also restarted my pc multiple times.

The same thing is happening to me, I still don’t know why it happens, just out of nowhere.

@Ryan Do you know what might be happening?

Set not in game to 300.

As was said to put in 300 “Not in Game”.

Anyway, you still have the same problem.

The Manager opens the phbot, logs in to the accounts, then closes all clients/phbot and no longer logs in.
This problem just started to happen.
It takes 2 min to close the accounts.
I have already set the “Client Starting” to 180000 (2min 30sec).
The Manager closes the accounts at this time too, from what I’m seeing, the bug is in the “Client Starting”.

I don’t know what is happening anymore @Ryan .

It probably needs to update the database then so run the bot by itself and let it update everything.

I’ll try, I’ll do what you asked.

I’ll be back soon to talk about what happened.
This error has been happening for 3 days.

Anyway thanks for giving assistance.

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I returned @Ryan .

The error unfortunately continues.
I recorded a video to demonstrate the error.

YOUTUBE LINK: I recorded a video, posted it on Youtube for better viewing.


Do you know what the answer is?

The error still continues today, unfortunately.

Press start not start once :smirk:

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