Bug about inventory

When bot put items to storage during town script, items that moved are still showing in the character’s inventory, and when i try to move them myself, client closes and relog starts. Because that item is not there actually.

Edit in the same character ; phbot giving socket error 7; and sro_client.exe stops running and bot stucks. I could not see that moment so i cant tell exactly when this happens

Edit 2

Storage or guild storage? Either way it shouldn’t be happening. I do not remember the items not being removed from the clients inventory. That should be working perfectly.

Storage. It shouldn’t but thats the case for 2 days. There can be a reason for that; im putting 2 or sometimes 3 DoStorage to Town scripts, because bot moves items from pet to inv only once. If inv has no space enough, pet inv stays unempty.

My problem still exists.

I probably can’t fix that because the client doesn’t like what you’re doing. I will add a movepet script command so you can move pet items for selling/storing whenever you like. I don’t think it will help if your inventory is full.


Yes they probably not gonna help, because DoStorage and DoBlacksmith already doing that, but only once. İt should do that in a loop untill all pet items checked for move and store/sell

I think the issue is you can’t move pet items while inside storage so that’s why I never made it do that multiple times. Unless you can? I could change it but you might run into the same issue.

İt can move items from pet to inventory while inside storage

I’ll change it for storage/guild storage then.

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That would be good, thanks.

by the way, there is no option to movepet isn’t it? or any think like it in the pick filter? In case of i want some item to stays in my inventory (not buy or not store) bot should move items from pet to inventory and combine to make more spaces available.

There isn’t one.

so there can be one? can you it as well ?

Like a “keep in pet” or “keep in inventory” option?

Yes, absolutely. They would be great helpfull. But also they should move items from inv to pet if i choose to keep in pet or counterwise