[Bug] [25.9.1] [vSRO] Cleric using wrong Party Buffs

Hi. I have started playing on a new private server ( https://playsro.online/ ).
And i noticed that my Cleric is using the low level ‘Mental Blessing’ instead of ‘Mental Deity’ as INT Party Buff.
Also it uses ‘Body Deity’ and ‘Sould Deity’, instead of ‘Angel of the Body’ and ‘Angel Soul’ as Defense Party Buffs.

I hope this can be fixed. Thank you.

EDIT: Sorry i made a misstake. It’s much worse. The Cleric uses ‘Body Blessing’ and ‘Soul Blessing’ (The Low Level Buffs!) instead of the High Level Versions.

I don’t know why or how. But from today on this problem doesn’t hapen anymore. My Cleric is using all high level party buffs now.
Don’t know if you changed something, or the server changed something. But everything is ok now.

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