[Bug] [25.9.0] [vSRO Dark World Online] Attack Pet HP is wrong

Hi, i have a Wolf with level 130, and the bot shows me it has only 39% HP and tries to heal it nonstop.
On another account i have also a Wolf level 130, same problem but the bot shows it has only 7% HP.
On another account the Wolf is level 114 and the HP is shown correct in the bot.
So i don’t know why, or at what level exactly, but it seems that the bot can’t read the correct HP of my Wolfes, when they reach a level somewhere between 114 and 130.
I tried teleporting, reloging, let the wolf die and revived it. Nothing helped me. I had to set the % at what the bot will heal the Wolf to 1% under the ‘wrong’ HP% the bot shows me, to not waste tons of Recovery Kits.

Would be nice if you could take a look at it.
Thanks in advance.

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