[Bug] [21.7.1] [ISRO] Guild Storage Inaccessibility

You are trying to open guild storage
No one is using guild storage at that time
But you can’t access
Error appears at bottom right

At the moment, a guild member Someone is using guild storage, so it cannot be opened.

There is a manual way for solution. This is better than asking that stuck character to be DC

I record a video, this might work for those already in trouble
It can also be a clue to the developer to completely eliminate the problem

Follow the steps,

  • Find out who stuck at guild storage (it says below right. if it doesn’t, it means you’re stuck)
  • Go to Guild NPC with whoever stuck
  • Switch on phbot Map menu, right click Access Guild Storage
  • Switch on client, click on Guild NPC
  • Switch on phbot, close guild storage window

Success, guild storage accessible again.


or just clik on town tab and select skip guild storage if guild member is nearby


This is different

Skip guild storage if a guild member is nearby

This option not solution or prevention for guild storage stuck problem.
It may also stuck when there was no one
Purpose of this, save time when two character were there

if they can they would say
-so you’re using guild storage :face_with_monocle: if so I won’t try to use guild storage, and I won’t expect you to go. maybe next time i use bb :running_man:
-yes mate, first come first served :sunglasses:

This problem has existed forever. It’s a game bug as the bot sends the exact same packets as the client to exit guild storage. I confirmed this a long time ago when I made sure it was doing the same thing.

nice video i will try it on next stuck

btw make sure all chars use same town then Skip guild storage if a guild member is nearby works very good


this doesn’t work… it get stuck if a new character comes again. how to get rid of this ?


link is gone, shared again

thx this saved a lot

why would u do all that when u can just terminate the char and the problem will be fixed :stuck_out_tongue:

plus make sure u have no lag and the guild storg Enter retry = 999 for all of the char
mostly u wont face that error

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or just use this … it will dc the blocking char… and works without any flaws…fully afk … farm prove… works with lists=abuse secure

it worked. thanks a lot.