Buffs While Walking


How can I buff Holy Recovery Division and Flash Speed while bot is going to training area?

There is a drop down called “script”. You can place buffs there and it will cast them while in a script.

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Thank you so much.

I found it and works fine.

I didn’t understand that. How can I change Wizard to Cleric for walking to the training place.
How can I find that script? Where is it?

why do you want to change wizard to cleric ?

well i dont understand ur last msg but u can seting like @ryan say in the buff tab ===> script and u put all cleric buff u need

I have Wizard Cleric Europe Character.
My primary skill is Wizard and secondary skill is Cleric.
I want to use Cleric Skills while on the way to the training zone.

The problem is when I editing command to equip light staff and shield , character taking wizard staff automatically by itself. how I prevent it?

this is example from my wizzard cleric


@aliakc do the same as @jaya and thats enough

@jaya U right sorry about that. I mean While walking to the training place Light Staff and Shield has to be equipped so that he does not die

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@jaya I always want to equip Light Staff and Shield while going to the training place. Is that possible?
Bot is not permit to equip light staff and shield. It always equip wizard staff.

with this seting ur wizzard will walking with cleric road and shield automatiqueli

on client u can equipe that item ?
check mastery weapon ?
check inventory not full ?
check dura of shield weapon

in a way that i don’t understand why it always equip wizard staff?

ops =)

Where the mastery weapon is controlled?

primary weapon is autaumatik selected when u put atak skill or if u have selected it as primary weapon on right clik inventory on staff
corecte me @ryan if wrong =)
u need check all tab of buff seting
attack tab only wyzard skill
buf tab wyzard skil earth bariere and cleric skil resurect skill
script tab cleric skil
emergency tab cleric skil
this is a example look at your skill what is wrong

dont work. Bot always equip wizard staff in town after equip light staff and uses buffs. Then walking to the training place with wizard staff.

in town he wil stay wyzard after he start script at outside of the town he change for cleric that he work if he switch again wizard delete all buf wyzard from script tab

I did everything. But it is not working. It always equip Wizard Staff.