Buff while attacking

hi I want to help my bot, not buff cleric when attacked before working but now not working and I make check for setting it’s ok I don’t know what’s


Update and go to the lure tab and enable the new buff option.

can u explain how to make an update?

and iam download form website and install and I didn’t found in lure lap (new buff option )

if have a photo share it with me

If you open the bot on its own it will ask you if you want to update.

THE bot updated.
where the option for buffing?


still not buff while attack plz adives

Are you using lure or not? That option only affects lure.

sir in the first iam ask about when botting the bot not make cleric buff and iam checked the setting for buff all clear but I don’t know why not make the buff like holy recovery disivion and spell bless.
I am not using a lure u request for me



Update and go to the lure tab and enable the new buff option.

there was a similar problem. I didn’t solve it, I just created a new character on the same bot, all the skills worked
as possible from the solution options, create a folder with an empty bot, and add your character’s settings from the Config folder to it

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