Buff pt member by their mana % : mana cycle

i am trying to buff bard’ mana if lower than 50%
characters are 30 level
How can i set a condition for it?
i want answers for condition only.

my settings above doesnt let do it. not working.

you can try this one instead of healing skills just add mana cycle to this list and set mp % drops below to %50 it should work

My WizzBard2 also attacking btw and needs to give mana to WizzBard1.
this one doesnt work for now. i also turned it on.

Also i set WizzBard1 to give himself Mana if his mana 90% lower
but still he keeps having no mana.
and stuck trying buff all pt members 1by1

Tell me why you can’t do it from the attack/partition section, maybe there is a way to do it.

He giving mana to everyone and he reaches 0 mana when the time to mana himself comes. i dont get it, because its selected 90% mana urself first. but he finishing everyone first not himself.

You should remember that when applying a condition, you should always provide 100% of the condition values, otherwise it may cause a bug, if you do it this way, the problem will be solved. tested.

if (Kasılma alanında && Beceri aktif değil == Mana Cycle && Oyuncu kasılma alanında == Serhado && Parti üyesi MP % "Serhado" <= 50) { Oyuncuya Buff At ( Mana Cycle -> Serhado ); }

I hope you understand Turkish. :slight_smile:

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