Buff other players during script

Is this setting available?
Can you add?
good work.

@NsyL hacım bir bak hele doğru anlatmışmıyım derdimi ? script esnasında pt buflarını kullandırma ayarı varmı, yoksa benim yapabileceğim bişey varmı, oda yoksa ekleyebilirmi sayın admine söylesek.

Is there any use of script pt buffs, or if I have something I can do, I can add the room and say it. @ryan for @cebralig

why deleted ?

There is no way to do it at the moment. How would this be useful?

I want to drive low-powered chars into pt. and there are hard ways to go when I go. I think I will not be forced if this feature.

this property has mbot. but i don’t want to use it. I’ve been using ph for many years and I don’t want anyone else.

@Ryan can you do it ?

if you want use for plvl u can try with trace option and when you are at your spot back to atak mod

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@Ryan ?

Party buffing is currently tied to normal buffing so there’s no way to do it unless I separate it. Obviously it’s possible but I do not want to do that at the moment.

@Ryan I’m not in a hurry. but I wonder if you will do it later.

Good work.