Buf remover?

clergy - I opened the war. When I manage the priest’s abilities (mana orbit - mana cycle), the boat clears and reloads the priest’s ability. I have checked the settings buf options that setting is off but still gives the same problem.

can you help me

I do not understand the question.

harp skil buf closes all of the cleric skills after opening.

mana orbit - when the mana cycle skill is turned on. The priest is constantly re-closing the Skil.(Force deithy -Mental deithy )


When mana orbit closes other deithy skilleride closes.
it just doesn’t load the mana trajectory. closes them and reloads.

ryan can you help me

mana orbit is a bard skill. when your char switch to bard, cleric buff will be removed. this is not related to bot.

kardeş videoyu izlemesek anlamayacaz valla :smiley: mana orbit bard skilli char barda geçerse cleric buffları silinir tabi. botla alakası yok bunun oyun böyle

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THANKS . If there is a problem again I will send the video.:sweat_smile:

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