Bot work on creddy reborn? can i ask for refund?

i play and some of my friend told me that i can’t use phbot after i was going to buy , so is it working? op codes changed or what? i want to know before buying please so i dont ask for refund, thx.

Use the trial on Monday.

next monday? trial what? u mean trial days for bot? how i can get it?

Yes the trial. Click “trial” on

idk why i can’t drag a photo in her but here is the photo link which says that i dont have any purshae time , can u please try the bot and tell me if works or no?

Wait 5 hours.

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bot doesn’t work , there will be a solution or what?

Use testing.

testing what?

The testing version. If it doesn’t work I’m not adding support for it.

u wont add support for reborn? if it doesn’t work?

They asked me not to so I won’t.

lol who dont want bot? anyway u will earn money buy letting ppl buying it ,
who asked u?

The owner.

fine , doesn’t support means losing some users for phbot , can i ask if the owner pay for it or just a favour?

doens’t work nvm i tried the testing verison

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