Bot stuck's due to busy slot 14


hi weeman (or newly called ryan?),

sometimes the bot stuck’s when slot 14 is already used by some item and it cannot be used to switch to the 2nd weapon/shield even if there are some other empty slots that might be used for switching.

in my case this often happens when the bot either picks items that automatically have been put to the first empty slot, or it runs the town script, buys some items and puts them to the first empty slot.


i got one CH char with a spear as primary, no secondary and a shield. primary is equipped. shield is on slot 13. slot 14 is used by some potion (automatically been put on that slot by the town script). my char does it’s town script, walks to the training area and stuck’s there, couz it cannot switch to the shield to cast buffs due to slot 14 is not empty for putting the spear there while equipping the shield. anyway there are about 5 other empty slots that are not getting used to unequip the spear. so it stuck’s until i drop the potion from slot 14.

this behavior is really weak. could you please spend some time to get this fixed somehow? :frowning:



Can you post a screenshot of what your inventory looks like when it gets stuck?

Edit: By the way, it moves the shield to slot 13 unless you have a secondary weapon to go in slot 13 (like a sword).

Edit: I tested it with a glaive / shield and it appears to be working correctly. Even with the inventory full it moves the shield to the correct slot after buffing and does not get stuck.


hm that’s strange.
sure, i’ll keep you up.
thanks so far