Bot stuck at connected

Town/Location: mirror
NPC: n/a
Description of bug: bot is stuck at connected
Bot Version: 16.3.9
Character level: any
Silkroad Version: latest
Character type (CH/EU): both
Silkroad Server: Theia
as shown in the screenshot , stuck like this and I have to close it and login again
also I have 2 accounts who keep telling me “already connected” and they’re not and I have to restart my router everytime when it happens many times.

Everyone is having the “already connected” issue… you have to message joymax support and they will fix it. But don’t waste your time because it’ll just happen again.

Broken servers, wait until the next update

okay bruh thank you
what about being stuck at “Connected” ?

Not sure but I have to assume it’s a server issue seeing as they are absolute trash at the moment

Edit: all my chars had it as well, even VIP. For sure server issue.


thank you.

Joymax had a 30 minute inspection. I’m pretty sure that means they rebooted their servers.

Yes, all issues fixed and it’s working normally now , thanks for the update.

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