Bot stop on connection

Me and some friends cannot log on iSro because bot stop on connection.

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Same problem here

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need way more information


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The bot only supports SOCKS 4 and 5. You’re using an HTTP proxy.

You should check @Ryan . Because same here. I am using sock 5. All proxies were working wll till 1 or 2 hours ago.

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i tryed without proxy, and still problem…

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the proxies were working normally, Socket5 suddenly stopped, a lot of people from the server also disconnected.

same problem wıth other bot programç ıt seems not phbot problemç

Then its likely a server issue

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Look, without proxy and still problem

Server might be down or you are temporarily IP banned.

It seems to be about Gateway-Server. One of them is having problems.

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Is not about ban my ip, i changed some and still same.

Joymax gateway server is having problems, change to or random you will be able to login.

i can get in game without bot

i set to it works

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