Bot skips some walking steps

The bot skips some walking steps and jump into other ones which are near too, any ideas to make the bot stick to the same sequence of walking steps? or at least do them in groups, don’t jump on his own?
thank you

It doesnt skip walking steps. You probably have lag, you can add a walk delay in training area > script settings

Thank you for ur reply,
There’s no lag, i tried this many times and the bot gets confused when the same walking step is repeated after few steps, so he do continue the steps after the 2nd one, ignoring the original steps following the first step.
I hope you get my point.

in different words, can i make the bot do 2 separate scripts in sequence?

What would be the point of that? Just combine them into 1 script

thank you for ur care,…
when i combine them, and let’s say the line no. 7 and line no. 50 are the same walking point (as the red dung. are circle map), the bot sometimes when reaches line 7, it jumbs to line 51 instead of line 8. So, i need it to stricktly walk through the lines in order. Or, it does group of separate walking points.
sorry for the long illustration.