Bot skip the npc hp mp

I select hp mp but bot skip npc whats Problem

Silkroad R

It doesn’t look like you enabled buying the potions.

This pic was before taken. ist enabled, but it doesnt work

I need more info. What level are you and which town are you in? It does work. Low level characters automatically go to the free NPCs instead of the normal NPC.

Silkroad R lvl 72 Hotan
free hp mp is <70 lvl but im 72 must buy normal npc

It will go to those NPCs if you are above 70. Try deleting your Town folder and opening the bot again so the scripts get re-created.

i have delete hotan_r.txt
i rename hotan.txt to hotan_r.txt

ist work?

No that won’t do anything. It already uses “Hotan.txt” when you are above 70.

then i should it make to hotan_r?

i have deleted town Folder and created automatyl new folder town, im testing it out

Hotan.txt = Above level 70
Hotan_r.txt = Below level 70

the char go to Herbalist but dont open to buy items and go :frowning:

It really seems like you didn’t enable the item or you didn’t set a quantity to buy.

I should enable item on town section

but where can i set the quantity to buy? i see now quantity section omg sorry i try it

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Double click to edit it :slight_smile:

Oh :S I tahnk you very nice that you help so fast

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