Bot remaining time


but but i still haven’t used a single minute because the servers doesn’t show up when i try to log in
everytime i log through manager it tells me to log manually first just once. but how can i do that when the servers don’t show up when I do it manually.


Lol… U have to add ur server first if u play on a private server then choose private server then it’s open a window there u have to the the sro path and the server/login server then select it and u can Lauch the client … BTW this was the most basic step its also in the phbotguide(mainpage) maybe u schuld read it first about the wasted bottime it was not Ryan error… No offense and read the guide

of course i did that. its just a problem for silkroad royale he wouldnt or can’t fix yet. And i don;t need to read the guide, i’ve been using phbot since 2010. no offense but dont lol too quick.

It has to be something with their filter. All the packets are exactly the same if you are able to connect successfully or get disconnected after a few seconds.

ok fine. only alchemy for phbot for now. :frowning: