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Sorry for the question, but on the manager options in Bot path do we put the silkroad.exe file or phbot.exe?

Hi elchuy,

you have to set the “phBot” path. The manager just start phBot and login with your saved loginData.
Silkroad will launched by phBot.exe that already knows the silkroad path from parsing it.

For my linux config its:

If you installed phBot via installer windows your path could be something like this:
C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Programs\phBot Testing\phBot.exe
(I’m currently not at my windows machine, but it should be something like this)


I’m getting this error msg??

I would say you dont got phBot inside your “Bot Path”. Seems for me that you choose to set the silkroad folder as botpath

You have to set the Silkroad path in phBot.

Isnt that how I have it?

No. The Manager is only for starting the bot. The bot is separate and needs the game path otherwise it can’t login to the game.

Oh ok sorry my bad ;( and how do I set that up?

Open the bot and choose iSRO then launch the client once.

for some reason when I open the silkroad directory it does not show me silkroad.exe folder and it is in there if I just look for it normally any idea of what might me going on?

you need to choose the folder where silkroad.exe in.

that is what i am showing in the pictures above. when the bot sends me to the silkroad directory nothing comes up in the file and when i look for it under my pc i can see it there, hopefully you understand what im trying to say.

You never select a file. It’s asking you to select a folder.

Yes, as Admin said

You dont need to see Exe files. Just select the right folder actually exe files in it.

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i think that is what i am showing in the pictures that i do have it in the same file but still the bot says it does not have it.