Bot not working after new update!

character walking, pet collecting, throwing items over. It would be good if it could be fixed soon. good work . Thanks

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I think you have something misconfigured as I have not received reports like this from anyone else.

working well in TRSRO i think something wrong with your configs

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Hello, there is indeed a problem with the bot, even in teleporting it does not recognize the ferries, the message that is very far appears. It happens to me from Alexandria heading towards the mirror dimension, from the city ferry, another is from Samarkan towards Roc Mountain. This happens from Thursday, November 5, please are several days already like that. Thank you

What is your starting town and the end coordinates?

Well the starting city is Alexandria South heading to mirror dimension, he gets stuck on the Alexandria ferry heading to Constatinopla, he gets a message that he is not close to the ferry and returns to the city.
The other is from Samarkan heading to Roc Mountain in the lv76 moobs, when he wants to use the teleporter he gets the same message that he is very far from the ferry.
This is so for days.

Give me coordinates.

From the south Alexandria ferry to the Constatinopla ferry to the mirror dimension is coordinate -16556, 366
And from the Samarkan ferry to Roc mountain the coordinate is -2943, 1874
I hope to solve it and surely there must be other bugs out there.


This is for TRSRO?

Is for SRO international

I have no issues with those coordinates starting in Alexandria.

I have tested it on 2 computers and it is the same problem, on the ferry it gets stuck and does not teleport, it throws a message that it is too far from the npc.

Your coordinates are directly on the teleporter. Did you give me the wrong ones?

I’m annoyed trying and trying on both of my computers, the coordinates I give it are the last last where the bot doesn’t recognize the npc. It appears that it failed to find the transport GATE_NPC_SD_M_AREA_FERRY

I need your actual botting coordinates.


This guy is right. After update we have issue about some npcs. Bot gives pars error codes in every town

I just updated game and bots nothing else. You should check NPC s

He is talking about a different game I believe. TRSRO and now iSRO have bugs that will crash your client. The game owners will have to fix this issue.