Bot not picking up most drops

I have been trying to get this bot to pickup all drops but it skips most of them. It is only picking up maybe 1 out of 10. I have it set to pick up all wearables. any ideas?

Check you bot setting for Blues/Rares, it might be set to only collect items that are rare or blue.

it won’t pick up blues or rares . unless I am sitting here watching the screen and then I have to stop the bot and pickup manually. and like I said before I have the bot set to pick up all wearables and it doesn’t matter if I use a pick pet or the char. it will only pick up about 1 out 10. It was working fine but just stopped a few days ago

Send a screenshot of your pick setting. Some setting override others, e.g if you set wearables to pick all then add setting to only pick rare, it will not pick all etc etc.

You should give more info like are you solo? are you making a taxi? are you in a PT that has one pick pet?

I have a solution but u need to tell us more.

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