Bot not attacking

Bot sometimes just stands still for 30 secs while mobs attacking (no game issue, mobs do dmg + if i use hand it works), or sometimes it stutter steps for 10 secs past alot of mobs and afterwards it goes back to those mobs (if char hast died yet)

did you change somthing on seting atak ?

or range seting ?

Nope, nothing. im at a full spot of mobs (solo) just got home and checked, there were periods of half an hour without getting any XP

It’s doing something in that time. Could be a conflicting buff that it can’t cast or out of MP.

Nope, it worked all perfectly before, also plenty of mana

It’s not just sitting there doing nothing on purpose. There’s a reason and it’s usually something with a conflicting buff.

Are you using collision detection with navigation? If there’s a crap load of obstacles it will be trying to find a path to the monster and it will not be found.

collision detection is on yeah, might explain stutterstepping? but the not attacking
idk bout that

i got it filmed, can send it ?

The weird stutter stepping does indeed navigate round obstacles, but it does it for 5 seconds, goes somewhere completely pointless (no mobs there and there were mobs where it was first) then goes back again

Turn off collision detect and turn off walk around.

works better but when its attacking but now its permanently stuck in a tent being attacked by ranged mobs which it wont de-select untill i move char by hand

You can draw a polygon on the minimap or move your training area / reduce the radius.

Seems to work, thanks =D