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Should manager terminate phbot while reloging or just relog client without terminating phbot? (isro)

If I’m not in queue and I have the information “Standby list is full” then I need to wait like couple of minutes for phbot to terminate. And then the phbot opens again, connects client etc.

Is there any way to not terminating phbot and just connect/disconnect client by single phbot while I’m using manager?

No that’s how manager is supposed to function… works better

“that’s how manager is supposed to function” you mean that it only can relog phbot, right?

Becouse it takes too much time, when I need to wait like 5 min when i’m in “stanby list”. I changed settings “client starting” and “disconnect” in manager in many ways. When I have like 20 000ms, then bot didnt even start client, just appears and disappears. I find out that 30 000ms is ok, but still it doesn’t relog after 30sec in “stanby list”, i need to wait like couple of minutes.

@Ryan could you help me with that? It supposed to be like that? I’m about to buy next month of phBot, please answer me for a single question, a had so much trouble with that.

As you can see on the picture, just one account get into queue and just wait for login. Other accounts are in standby list and just wait for phbot to relog. But phbot relog like 3-5 minutes after the information with “standby list”. It takes too much time and I’m wondering if it’s normal?

Ok, now after like an hour 2 bots are logged, but three of them after about 15 login attempts just don’t open client anymore. On the previous picture you could see 5 clients open, but now when 3 of bots didn’t get into queue for a long time, the phbot just stops at 100% and do not connect into game anymore.
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There is a communicate “data load status: 100%” and nothing happens, phBot just reopen after couple of minutes and then do the same: stop at 100%

Please @Ryan i need your help. I’m writing posts about all of this for like 2-3 weeks. I tried everything and nothing happend. I bought your product and I’m wondering about doing the same thing in this week when it ends.

Try unchecking the option to start the client and start clientless and see if the error persists.

@Ryan any help? Say at least that you don’t know what to do. I still rely on you. I made a lot of screens and trust me, I’m not doing this becosue it’s funny. I’m annoyed as fack becouse login into iSro taking too much time, and sometimes I cannot even relogin becouse of this “Data load status 100%”

Login clientless like he said, it’s way better for isro… the reason it takes 3-5 mins to restart login is because with the client open the bot doesn’t disconnect… this allows you to buy the instant access ticket… if you login clientless the bot will disconnect right away allowing manager to relog quicker.

There’s no reason to login with the client on isro, you’re just stressing your pc. Open the client after you login.


@DeRidder14 thats the answer, thanks!

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