Bot limitations

Hi Phbot moderators/users,

About the update “100 accounts ip limit for every server” per pc.
Well, at first I thought; Great! That’s not even bad!
Queue went from 1000 to 300-400, there was a little more activity, it was good.
Sounds like a legit good update, and it was.
Why not anymore you ask?

Since a month or two some losers started to put 100-200 accounts, in each bloody server…
So those losers went from fucking over 1 server with all their goldfarming, to doing it in many, or even all, servers…

So we’re back at square one…
Queue is back at 750-1000 (not even Styria Clash time).
Same losers making honor in all servers at the same time.

My suggestion therefore is: Keep this limit, it helps more then enough.
But add it to ALL servers.
So 100 accounts MAX per pc for all servers, and not 100 accounts per server, for every pc you got.

I honestly hope you give it a thought, cause it did actually helped a lot for a while.

What if I told you it is that way already.

no they are not open accounts in different servers. they are using VM peoples are figuring it out and started to use it. only way is closing academy plugin and make the limit less than 100.

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Learn the issue.

I already talked about this for a while on the forum 8 accounts per PC only - #2 by mrdeepmind , I think 50 accounts is still too much , to ISRO a maximum of 20 accounts would be good .

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The account limit doesn’t actually solve anything. It can only reduce the impact of those who do. But some keep spamming from 3 4 computers. They fill the server whenever they want and empty it whenever they want. Joymax’s solution is that you can queue 2 accounts at the same time. Proxy messes it up. As long as there is a proxy or even when it is removed, people will unfortunately continue to do this by finding a way. Because most of them do it to make money, just like a job. This situation bothers me a lot, but there is nothing I can do.

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it won’t really solve 100%, but it will improve a lot, if there were a maximum of 20 accounts per pc, I’m sure of that.

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actually this is not possible. people can have more than 20 vip accounts, the main point here is the non vip character. And 1 level characters do not drop from the game

wont metter to me anyways since im a vip/premium playa

im aginst pay2play

BUT money needed to run servers(isro)

i voted for low limit per PC

but there is still traffic(isro)

ya but still low traffic

ya & wait hour or two… till a pt member join back
after pt died many times
or XP rate went down
cuz the pt is missing one ON TRAFFIC(isro)
palmyra(isro) server got lots of 1~8 chars per player
(& very few with 100~300 chars per player)
but no vip or premium
& when they DC …whooooh
dead players everywhere at training spot…
& losing lots of XP & time wasted…

so if having high/no limit … push players to buy vip or premium…
then be it…

botting at higher mobs with no vip/premium
is waste of:

  • life
  • botTime
  • xp
  • gold
  • efforts
  • mentality
  • other’s Leave…


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