Bot keep switching its settings to client mod

when the bot time come to login with that xLoginController plugin

it keeps on marking this “run client opened”

and its not plugin problem … as its the same version months ago

something stuck on phbot setting/coding which keep switching to client if getting DC or relogin time(plugin thing)

also the bot keep moving my “global chat” location around the bag xD?

It’s supposed to because that’s what it will do for relog. If your client is up it will relog with the client running. It switches off if you go clientless.

ya when i switch to “go client” by “reconnect” it mark’s the “client” option

why wouldnt it just stay the way i chose manually on that option

cuz i go back clientless after finishing my busniess
lock windows
(not having in mind to uncheck something that i already unchecked before but the bot think it should be checked cuz of my last action to go client)
and when the char gets DC & reconnects … it goes client … but get bugged cuz windows is locked

Because it’s doing that internally anyway. It would get unchecked if you disconnected while your PC is locked.

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this is the problem im talking about
this new feature u added that triggers the “client” option when u switch to client by “reconnect”

this happens when the windows is locked
& not the 1st or 2nd & wont be last if this “auto function” exists

we wont always remember that “ahh if i clicked reconnect to go client … then i have to manually un-check that client box that the bot automatically checked it & assumed i want to be on client 4every login…”

just leave it as it was … un-changed till manually checked…

Not possible. The bot will relog with the client if the client was up during the disconnect. The issue you want me to solve is detecting if Windows is locked or not.

idk if “detecting windows lockdown”
or “not to auto check the login box”
or “disabling the last connection option as connected or reconnected”
(maybe needs a 2nd client option? one for first&base login … the other for “reconnect” as in login as last client status?)

but something needs to be done…

“Fixed not detecting if Windows is locked for client restarting”

thx for this


sry … the first thing i received when login client open … today after updating the BOT&Client(the one that updates after u add id/pw) a spamm auto re-open client and relogin…
as if its not detecting client number or something?

the update before it was cool though…
some coding wrong with this…

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