Bot improooovement ,D

hi @Ryan

  1. warlock problems
    if you set use dot=1 70-80% of the time he will use 2 dots on each mob ( but
    switching mob is fast
    if you set use dot=2 70-80% of the time he will try to cast a 3rd dot that will make
    the bot stuck there for like half a sec i think its becurse of the skill use delay
    i think if you lower them all by 200 ms it will be much better at checking if there are 2
    dots on a mob
    with 2 dot setting so he dont have time to try to make a 3rd dot on a mob
    please add a checkbox to skip the dot settings on giants and greater mobs

  2. slow weapon switch (eu)
    most of the time specealy on cleric skills the switch speed is kinda slow i mean for
    example the bot will use healing circle wait like 300ms switch weap wait 200 ms and
    continue botting it would be nice that as soon as the bot cast the last cleric skill before
    a switch he just spamms the switch weapon and spamms the first attack/buff of the
    primary so no matter what skill has ben used it will be as fast as possible
    [EDIT] DONE :ok_hand:

3.adding key presser funkiton for 1-0
to add basicly support for unsupported skills or
buffs ( will be added to attck skills ) named like Press1,Press2 and so on
or i think easyer and better will be via condition “then press 1”

4.not client based quest database for default quest
a option to use phbot quest files would be nice
client quest data files are not as big and
would be nice if there is a option in the manager or bot for that
checkbox if someone select vsro server type quest data will be loaded/downloaded
from your server instead of the client files
so we dont have as much quest problems and it would be easyer for you to debug as
well when all use same data

  1. a countdown for the trail usage we always get it wrong on the discord if you didnt
    notice ;D

This should mostly fix the DOT count. It’s a timing thing so now it waits longer after casting so it can know if the monster now has a DOT or not then switch.

I do not know about weapon switch. If it does it too quickly you will be constantly switching the weapon back and forth because of lag.


yes its works but dot usage is now way way way slower … so the delay after usage what i taked about is now after every dot :-1:

weapon switch is way better now it works great :ok_hand:

It has to be slow otherwise it will cast multiple DOTs.

hmm if you make it select one cast 1 or 2 (depends on setting ) and it will just count the cast count for that mob-id so it basicly knows alreddy if it has dots on it and it will resset after 16 sec per mob like a is it checks just befor selecting the mob if it has the dot on it and not while casting but only count the skills used per mob

check mobs dot count
cast 2 dots (missing dots)
switch mobs

this mob will not scanned again for next 16 secounds just 1time before selecting
will just cast the ammount of missing dots till dot ammount is given

i think now it will scan for dots after every action this is what takes the time

This will be a little faster.

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this is amazing it works perfectly it just usees 2 dot on 1 dot setting on like 1 of 20 mobs but thats fine great work xD

did you notice that
Toxin , Decayed have smaler usetimes then Blaze and Curse Breath
if not and you have skilluse timing to set Toxin , Decayed is about 200 ms lower then the other one xD

now there are only the other things left xD
4 is kinda importent ;D the thing is that sbot uses the quest data from the bot thats why it works without any probs if you make it rellay if on the client files its a extra potential error
3 well just yesterday someone asked me about that and if you make it via condition i dont thing it can be abused in any way

and skip dot limit at giant and greater is missing xD

wait for public release <3

I cannot add something to ignore the DOT count if it is a giant. That would have to be checked in like 50 different places to work.

and if it just skip the mob selection on that mobs ?

If I added that option it would not select that monster because it has X number of DOTs. It may stay selected but if the bot needs to do something else like kill a lower monster it won’t reselect that monster until the DOTs expire.

well if it has xmount of dots if has ben selected alreddy

so it would only work with like wait untill mobs dead (disable switch to lower mobs)

well ok
what do you think about point nr.4 about the quest database
basicly instead on relay on the servers database that has some trobble it gets the defauld quest data from your files downloaded in a folder maybe if posible editable

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