Bot goes Clientless while doing Alchemy

I’m playing on the server Vikings-SRO and I’ve noticed I keep DC’ing everytime I do alchemy or my item goes back to +0, I can’t figure out what is causing this but it does this 24/7 and I don’t want clientless because I want to be able to see my inventory without going into the PHBot tab itself. I wanna know why it’s trying to automatically go clientless???

@Ryan any ideas

It is possible they modified alchemy so bots cannot be used for it. Are you able to use alchemy in the client?

Absolutely not, 8 IP Limit for ALL bots. Bots work fine my dawg.

You can use alchemy in the bot too, it just crashes random times and its constant. Not 24/7 but its constant.

I’m on iSRO and the bot keeps going clientless. Not doing any alchemy. I noticed it happening for a few hours. Just normal settings out grinding. Not sure if that means anything.

Usually goes clientless when you force things you can’t do. This can be a weapon change or trying to use a skill when your mana is over, or something else.

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