Bot dont open

bot dont open today
[07:27:27] Welcome to phBot v23.0.4

[07:27:27] Updates will be posted at /

[07:27:27] Twitter:

[07:27:27] Facebook:

[07:28:52] Update: Could not download update data. No updates will be downloaded if there were any.

[07:28:55] Login successful

[07:28:55] You have 14 days left for iSRO/SilkroadR/vSRO/cSRO SilkroadR

Looks like it started fine.

@Ryan was the same issue the whole day and now i found an update for phBot… after i done it this message keeps showing up and bot never starting!!

It feels like you’re unable to access the passcode site again.

idk, any of my chars not going to be in… manager keeps trying to log in the chars but no way

@Ryan, its critical !!

again this message… whats wrong with the bot? nothing different in my connection or pc, even i havent closed my labtop lately so everything should be ok!! its critical @Ryan and must be solved really soon !

Nothing changed on my end. Has to be a DNS problem or something is blocking the connection.

ty to change your dns for dns google : /

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