Bot dont deliver Quest


Update your bot.

my bot has updated.but still it dont deliver quest when quest item hit to 200 shackle ! i will try with job script today and i will add here last situation @Ryan

You have to enable the quest then it will turn it in. Set it to use a return scroll if you want it to go back to town when completed.

i will give u some information about that . i set enable for scrap metal than bot deliver quest one time .after that it get quest and go to training place and start pick all quest.when it reach to 200 shackle, bot dont feel complete the quest and continue botting it does not go to give quest.when i make again enable for quest bot going to give quest for Titi . i think after one cycle enable reseted. did i explain clearly ?

EDIT : i try this quest with script .it works normally.

it still dont work bro

Works fine for me(palmyra)
Update ur bot
also enable this 2x options on the top right…

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