Bot doesn't work (black rogue files)

I just bought 6 weeks of phBot thinking I’d have a good experience with it, but it turns out it doesn’t work properly on the server I want to use it.

First when I log in or teleport a parsing errors shows up in the log section “There was an error parsing your character data. Please upload Log\Error.txt to”. I’ll upload the .txt log so you can check it out. When I log in and click on ‘map’ my character appears to be in different city that it really is.

Second, no skills show up in the attack section which makes bottling completely impossible.

Third, bot won’t use return scroll because it can’t find it in inventory even though I have 50 special return scrolls in my inventory.

Auto-stall doesn’t work too because no one of my items appear in the window even after click “refresh”

Almost non of the features of the stable release seem to work ;(

The server’s name is Creddy Online (PVP-Z). It’s based on blackrogue files and it has been online for like 6 years or so.


Just noticed something weird. When I log in the bot “thinks” I’m running in hotan but I’m actually in samarkand then I use a skill (aerial teleport) and the map shows exactly where I am and starts running to the spot I have set up in constantinople, but when it teleports to constantinople the same issue hits it again (the bot thinks it’s outside town and can’t start botting)

Parsing problems are generally caused by not selecting the correct type. If you have selected “Black Rogue” as the type and you still see those errors then I assume it is not Black Rogue server files and it’s most likely 1.188. For that you need to select nothing for the type.

Unchecked the type and it made it worse. Now I’m getting 5 parsing errors instead of just one and all the other issues still the same. I’m pretty sure it’s blackrogue files as it is stated on the server’s website

Is there something you can do?


  1. no skills show up in the attack section
    2)no items shows up in the stall section
    3)bot “thinks” I’m in different city than my character really is

Nevermind. Just changed the type to thsro and it seems to be working just fine. Skills do show upin the skill list and no parsing errors. Ty

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