Bot doesnt select/attack quest monsters

Bot doesnt recognize quest monsters such as angry sungsung/hungry blood ong. Even if i make the monster attack me then start bot, it still doesnt attack the monster while its attacking my char. Basically bot doesnt see the quest monsters. I dont have any problem with other monsters, bot works perfectly with other monsters. It just doesnt see/attack quest monsters. Its not just me, my friends also tried and their bots didnt attack either.

Quest monsters can no longer be attacked as some cause PK status. Use the one in the discord #testing channel which whitelists some of them.

Thanks for your answer, but I cant see anything about whitelisting monsters in discord #testing channel. Can you link it if possible?

It doesn’t matter. Just download the one that’s in there and it has it.

I downloaded it but i couldnt see the settings tab that whitelists unattackable monsters. I preferred the monster in monster preferences tab but its not working, it seems like it has another settings to do.

There is nothing for you to configure. It is automatic. Certain quest monsters are whitelisted in that version.

I understand. I think all quest monsters except the ones that can be manipulated to make people pk should be attackable. Thanks for your help tho. Sorry for pming you, im new here it wont happen again <3

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