Bot doesn't pick certain items. Thsro/blackrogue server files

It’s me again. So, bot works almost perfectly now and the reason I say almost is because it doesn’t pick certain items of the server. These items are very specific to this private server:

1)“Silk”. This is an untradable item which is dropped by normal mobs anywhere in the server.

2)right and left hearts. Again these items are dropped anywhere in the server but these ones are tradeable.

Bot works great but I need it to pick these items.

This wasn’t an issue with other bots.

Which server exactly? Creddy has multiple versions.

this one

I know it’s kind of a unpopular server but all of my friends play there and we actually have fun there.

Where do you get items so I can kill stronger monsters to test those drops?

you can get 12th degree moon items for free here at the item store:

Btw, I truly appreciate you going as far as to download the game to fix a problem that only one person has.

Didn’t want to make another thread but I ran into yet another issue: I’m trying to share my phbot account with a friend from Egypt, I’m from Venezuela but I always I use a vpn to log into the game, the problem is that my friend my friend can’t login with my phbot account because it says it’s invalid even though he used the same username and password that I use. I even signed out to see if it was a hwid issue but he still couldn’t login.


reset password on your emil, the site will send you bot id and password

Already tried that.

ok, copy id and pw and send them to your friend,and tell me to copy them not write them with his hand ok!

He almost swore on his life that he had copied and pasted before but now it just happens to work… My guess is he didn’t copy it right lol… Anyway thank you.

you welcome

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I still want to fix this. Hopefully tomorrow I can take a look again.

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Appreciate it man <3. Feel free to pm me in-game or dm me here.