Bot Doesnt attack

Hello is my first time using bot since long time ago.
I have configured my bot and it does everything, buying and going to the training zone, but it keeps quiet there, it doesnt attack the monsters.
Where is my mistake, i have followed the entire guide for 3 times and i dont understand why happens that.
Im in a private server called Legion.

Check the log.

Probably short radius or somethings wrong at skill list

I use radius 500.
I have deleted all the skills and put one by one and yesterday and it was working but today doesnt work again.
Says: The selected item cannot be used together or the skill is already in use.
I tryed selecting only two skills and says the same.

It’s probably some skill ticket you have it set to use.

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oooh Thank you!!
It was for having various kinds of potions in the inventary.
I was trying all the options of the bot :_(
Thank you very much

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