bot doenst work on my server can i get support help?

i want to use my bot on my server , site is
help !

What doesn’t work?

is gives me weird msg ,

i press on start bot after i set everything but he stand still and give this msg then dc

You should be using testing version of phBot for private servers.

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Yes use the testing release.

okay i will use testing and try again

same problem , standstill and dc after maybe 1 min of no moving

sir , i tried and it didn’t work , can i get a solution?


my wep is in first slot as u saying , also when i start bot he auto hold the weapon(staff) so the bot work good he does hp mp vigor dmg etc but he doesn’t move or attak mobs , also what is (dura) u mean repair the wep? its repaired bro , i guess admin should download the game and see the problem himself becs i purshaed the phbot i dont wanna waste my duration :frowning: here is the game site u can download it


he means
go to inventory
rightclick on main weapon
choose “prime”
& to the 2nd weapon & shield too if there is…

problem is same , its not about that bot doesn’t read prim and 2nd wep but the bot it self is ready but he doesn’t move or attak , he do hp mp and all positions even dmg scrolls but he doesn’t move or attak , same problem and get dc after it
Inventory: Combining [MP Recovery Potion (X-Large)]
] Inventory: Combining [HP Recovery Potion (X-Large)]
Inventory: Combining [Vigor Recovery Grain (Small)]
Scroll: Using [Drug of typoon]
Script: Walking to -5157, 2829
Script: Lag detected, waiting

can i get help please? for now 3 days are lost with no use of phbot

When is it disconnecting? After it uses an item?

when i press start bot he combine same type of things , doing speed and holding weapon and standstill for 2-3mins then say (lag detected waiting) then dc, it happens in town or tranning place doing same thing over and over

why my problem take much longer , i reply so fast like i see it after 10 20mins , im not using phbot srsly why its hard to download game and find the problem :cry:

maybe sleep or busy
he have NO replies on alot of threads

I have such a problem too unfortunately. after 5 minutes after starting the caravan disconet char