Bot Crash on proxy


Despite using manager or not on a random occasion bots connected via proxy are just crashing, my proxies are tested and have 100% uptime and sometimes it’s only 1 out of 2 chars connected to same IP. Today I have DC’d 4 times and each time phot just shut down. I have then downloaded manager and the only thing different is that the manager actually restarts phbot and logs in. Chars aren’t even running they are logged in and are just sitting on taxi.

I have tested with client, clientless, with the manager, and without… Any help why this might be occurring?

It only happens when im connected with proxy, my chars connected without never had that problem.

Testing newest version doesnt even login…

Seems to be working for me.

[10:58:09] Data load status: 100%
[10:58:16] Connecting to the gateway server []
[10:58:16] Connected
[10:58:17] Server capacity [Tyche] [Full]
[10:58:19] Login: Sending login credentials
[10:58:24] Login: Secondary passcode has been entered successfully
[10:58:24] Login Queue: 180/180

That is stable version…newest testing 25.7.6 doesnt login to bot itself

Works fine for me. Check your firewall

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Okay I will try but how is this different from stable 25.7.5 and 25.7.4 which login just fine right now? My thoughts were that 25.7.6 was missing something because 7.4=39.133kb then 7.5=39.155kb size and 7.6 suddenly drops 3mb in size to 35.976kb

I’m not going to explain this to you. There’s no difference.

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