Bot attacks slowly

I have a problem that the bot starts to attack very slowly. This happens frequently and is reproducible.
The issue is, that the bot just stays at the center and starts marking monsters without attacking them. It can take about to 30 seconds, but mostly 5-10 secs until it starts casting the next skill.
It seems to me, that this issue mainly occurrs when the bot becomes attacked from monsters outside of its trainings range while there are still monsters inside of the training range.
I assume that my bot is set up correctly. The average ping is at about 300, which is not good but I guess still acceptable for sro.

Turn off collision detection. It sounds like your PC is too slow to do it.

Collision detection is already turned off. Already noticed that it has some issues in some areas.
My PC got an i5 from the 8th generation, should be fast to enough handel the bot :smiley:


I already tested that, the skills don´t affect it at all.
For me it is currently the following scenario:
I am playing on a Jangan only private server. My char is leveling in the bandit fortress, since on this server there are spawning niya snipers.
To avoid getting stuck in the wall, I am leveling with a trainings radius of 9, which is enough, since the spawn there is crazy. But once snipers are attacking me from the outside the trainings radius, which can happen because of the high range of the niya sniper, the bot starts to attack very slowly.

Did you try a larger radius? It’s not going to attack monsters outside the radius.

Well, if I go for a larger radius, it would try to attack the monsters which are behind an obstacle.
The monsters which are attacking me from outside the radius normally just die by the area of effect dmg of my spells.
I just noticed that it seems to slow down the bot a lot, if it gets attacked by monsters outside of the radius.

@diefrucht try to use the polygon trainingplace and make it custon sice so its large enoth to atk this monsters but dont be able to klick the mobs behind the opsticle maybe its worth a try also maybe a mob died behind an objekt and the bot trys to get the drops also just try out to disable pick in general for like a few min to test it otherwise try to just use single target atks or u have to change the training area at what cordinated are u botting exactly

I did some further testing and I was able to narrow down the issue:
With single attacks, which do not cause any aggro from monsters outside of the trainings area, the issue never occurrs. So I guess my first assumption was correct, that monsters attacking the bot from outside the trainings radius are distracting and slowing the bot down.
Is it possible for you to fix it?
One idea I would have which could be considered:
It seems to me, that the bot tries to focus those monsters first, which are attacking the bot.
Maybe a flag to disable this behaviour would already fix the issue.