Bot Atack Pet Bug

@Ryan bot does not detect that fellow was dead. As you see in picture all settings are okey.

trigger first option on TOP-LEFT “use attack pet”

if you want or dont want him to attack … then you have the option near it to trigger “Dont attack monsters”

also make sure pet pots are equal to pet lvl…

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It is same bro does not summon

If char die after rescue then summon pet.

I can confirm that. My pet also attacks all the time.

It will not summon if a monster is attacking you. If a monster is always attacking it cannot summon it.

isro-R palmyra server
you can summon while attacking/being attacked

but incase:
you just summoned
& pet insta died
& bot insta revived it & tried to summon it again
= you have to wait 20s BETWEEN each summon
even when attacking/being-attacked … between different mobs…

maybe thats ur case…?

or ur server is old style
have to not be in action for 20s…

Bot revive pet but does not summon yeah. @Ryan bot can summon while monster atacking. There is not any restriction to do that.

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