Bot after some time is automaticly closing

Hello :slight_smile:

I am using PHbot on Ubuntu ,everything was fine untill today, I realised that bot is automaticly closing after some time , idk why? I didnt had it before . Anyone know what happend? my version of bot is v23.2.1

It could be Wine. I remember a report like this a while ago and it was just Wine crashing or something.

What should I do?

Which version are you on? You could try upgrading it.

ya i just did update of Wine and still same 4.1.5

Can’t really do anything. You’ll have to just restart it when it crashes.

But its like often :frowning: , and i play on VPS . Ill try to download playonlinux software, maybe it will help?

btw i switched Wine to Windows 10, somehow it helped and i dont have anymore random crashed. Hope it’s solution and it will work as it should

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