Bless bug - Snow Shield on bot not work

I have this problem for 2 days… we used to do bless bugs . boots out of hand . lost some functions does not work .everything works on other bots

Could it be the problem @Ryan ?

  • Fixed warrior screens cooldown resetting after a teleport

Thank you so much @ahmetberkay . You king. you best bro ! What would the phbot team do if it weren’t for this guy?

we’ve checked and yes, thats the problem. cixproxy wants to use the bug, but fix is blocking this.

Bless skill resets on teleport?

Its a game bug, on client we cant use it but bots can. ( until 23.1.0)

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Only bless and snow shield?

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It seems so, @cixproxy are there any other skill? ( bu ikisinden başka böyle bugu olan skill var mı? )

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if ur using bless bug for wars is working fine for me

This is now in 23.1.3.

Yes work v23.1.4 … Thx @ahmetberkay for translate and help…


Could it be the problem @Ryan ?

  • Fix please holy spell cooldown resetting after a teleport…
  • Bicheon force series bicheon skill resets on teleport please…

Nothing changed so I don’t know.

Bro holy spell + bicheon force series SKİLLS resets on teleport. I want these possible. Bless skill resets on teleport yeah work… But holy spell and bicheon force series dont resets

up please…! İron Skin - Mana Skin - Holly Spell - dont reset bro… please resets on teleport this skills all skills pls… xbot work, phbot not work lol